Bet365 are running the Team of Champions Promotion between 16th February 2015, and 11:59 GMT on 2nd March 2015. Earn rewards by collecting cards and progressing through the rounds. This is an opt in promotion, you can opt in here

To take part in the promotion, you need to collect as many Coins as you can and convert these to Cards, for each Card you receive a ticket for a Daily 1,500 Prize Draw. As you advance through the rounds, the prizes get bigger.

The Prizes for the group stage are:

Place Prize
1st iPad mini 2
2nd and 3rd 100
4th and 5th 50
6th to 10th 25
11th to 20th 15
21st to 50th 10
51st to 100th 5
101st to 200th 2.50

To earn coins, simply play poker at any cash table, in tournament schedules and Sit & Gos. When you play at premium tables, you earn coins at twice the rate.

The number of coins required for each cards varies by round:

Round Coins Required
Group Stage 2
Round of 16 10
Quarter Finals 50
Semi Finals 200
Final 500

To progress to the next stage, you need to complete your team of 11 cards, giving you a maximum of 11 chances to win in the prize draw.

In addition to the daily draw, you receive a prize for each round you progress through.

Round Prize Available
Round of 16 1
Quarter Finals 5
Semi Finals 20
Final 50