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As part of our ongoing commitment to players, RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals are addressing questions received from players following the weekend’s events regarding Internet gaming in the USA. Please be advised, players outside of the US are completely unaffected.

Background: Late Friday night, US Congress passed the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” bill which cracks down on internet gambling. If signed by Bush, the law will make it illegal for banks and credit card firms to process online gaming payments from US players.

Where are RakeTheRake based? I am worried you may close down

We are not going anywhere! RakeTheRake is based in UK and is currently taking legal advice regarding the recent US legislation change. Gambling and sports betting has been legal in the UK for many years, and recent laws were introduced to further relax the rules and regulations.

I am a US player. How will I know if I can sign-up to a particular poker room through RakeTheRake?

It is possible that some poker rooms could stop taking bets from US players. We will, of course keep you informed, and it will be clear on our web site if any of our featured poker rooms decide not to accept US players. If a particular room does not accept US players, then you will not physically be able to create an account.

My friends and I currently use a US affiliate for some of our rakeback deals, can we switch across to RakeTheRake?

“The greatest danger here would seem to be with affiliates. Any American operator can be easily grabbed. This includes sites that don’t directly take bets, but do refer visitors to gaming sites. If the affiliate is paid for those referrals by receiving a share of the money wagered or lost, it would not be difficult to charge the affiliate with violating this law, under the theory of aiding and abetting. Being a knowing accomplice and sharing in the proceeds of a crime make the aider and abettor guilty of the crime itself. The federal government could also charge the affiliate with conspiracy to violate this new Act.”

Source: © Copyright 2006, all rights reserved worldwide. GAMBLING AND THE LAW® is a registered trademark of Professor I Nelson Rose,

RakeTheRake obviously do not know how US based affiliates are going to react. If your affiliate does decide to close down their site, then we will work with the poker rooms to help you/your friends switch across to RakeTheRake. We can help you address this on a case by case situation. Naturally please do not hesitate to recommend us to your friends as the most reputable and trusted rakeback affiliate. At the same time you will benefit from earning up to 4% of the rake they generate as part of our referrals program. More details can be found at

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