Kouta43 Finishes in Aussie Millions $1,100 No Limit Holdem

…and picks up over $2400 for his efforts. And thanks to him for providing us with the following write-up.

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“So I entered event #1 at the 2007 Crown Aussie Millions- the $1,100 NL. Cards aside, I enjoyed the event greatly, whether it was sitting on the feature table with a big stack and bracelet winner Mark Vos, or striking up a conversation with WPT star Tony G and stealing his blinds, this was certainly more exciting than the average 1/2NL 6 max game I play online.

My first big hand came up when the blinds were at 100/200 and I had maintained my starting stack of 3,000. UTG, I limped with 7 7, and it was folded around to the SB who completed, and the BB checked his option. The flop was one made for action- Kc 7c 4c, the SB checked, and the BB with a stack of about 2800, bet 300. Decision time- do I raise or just call? Given that I had position, and a big draw to a full house, I opted just to call, as I had no real read on the BB, other than that he hadn’t played many pots either, and the turn will reveal plenty more info. I called, and the SB folded.

The turn came with the 5d. The BB now forcefully bets 1,500. Something about me said he really wanted me out of the pot, so after hesitating for a moment I announced all in, and my opponent called. Thankfully he turned over Ac Jd, and with no club on the river I had a stack of about 6,000.

Now I’m not going to bore you with every hand I played, other than the hand that crippled me not too long after we passed the bubble. With blinds at 1,000/2,000 and a 300 ante, a tight played in the cutoff raised to 7,000 preflop. He had 19,000 and I had 27,000. I looked down at 99, and remembered that once he raised from late position and made a very small raise, just about the minimum, and when everyone folded he showed AA. Given this info, I decided he didn’t have a monster as once again this bet screamed of I have something (I was thinking 55-88 or AJ-AK) but I really want to just take down what is in the pot now. Hoping he would fold if I came over the top and still being in decent shape if he did indeed call me with a hand I put him on, I elected to go all in. After studying me for what was probably a couple of minutes he elected to call, and flipped over AJ o/s, a hand I actually thought he would fold given his tight nature, but I guess he was getting great odds to call (2700 in antes, 3,000 in blinds, and his 7,000 raise puts 12,700 in the pot, my effective raise to put him all in is his last 12,000, so he needs to put in 12,000 for a pot of 24,700, or pretty much 2-1 odds). Unfortunately a J on the flop and I couldn’t suck out, leaving me all in several hands later and 10 J outdrew my A 3 sending me to the rail, but with a paycheck of almost $2,000 USD, the 10 hours filled primarily with folding and red bulls was well worth it.”

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