RTR Player Makes Best of Playboy Mansion Tour….(and play's a little poker too!)

Posted on by RTR Susannah

In March we ran a Playboy promo with Cake poker with a winner takes all first prize of a $1500 charity event at the Mansion and $1500 more thrown in by RTR for travel and accommodation.

The prize was won by Cake Player, Saltier from the UK, and he was kind enough to tell us about the hardship of meeting so many Playmates. He also came back with a heap of photos that we’re not sure the red blooded males among you would be able to cope with! Here’s is his story…

on, these people have way too many clothes on“A $3000 package to the UHI Charity Poker Tournament at the Playboy Mansion – Definitely the best freeroll prize I’ve ever won! It was my first time in the States, which was an added bonus. The event organisers had arranged a bus on Saturday afternoon to take us from the hotel to the pick-up point (an underground car park), where we registered for the tournament and caught the shuttle to the Mansion. Everyone that was going to the tournament had to do this, as no private cars were allowed on the Mansion grounds. VIP guests were down one end of the car park, players in the middle, and spectators at the other end. I spotted Phil Laak in the VIP queue whilst I was there. After a drive through a particularly green bit of LA full of enormous houses, we got to the Mansion at about 7pm, just in time to watch Hugh Hefner (in silk pyjamas as usual) walk out the front door to give an interview. So far, so cool. The whole event was open air, which the smokers took full advantage of, with 23 poker tables laid out on the front lawn, and bars and buffet stands around the nearby grotto area. The poker kicked off at 7:30, and we started with 3000 chips each. The blinds began at 100/200, so it wasn’t what you’d call a deepstacked event! There were 2000 chip rebuys available for $500, and it was for charity, so there were a significant number of rebuys taking place. I respectfully declined . Jamie Gold was the host for the evening, and I think everyone knew it. He’s loud in the first place, and they gave him a mic to boot! He was making prop bets with anyone that was interested, encouraging people to go all-in and rebuy, and just generally making noise. I could barely hear the other players at my table talk once he got going!

Phil acting nonchalant about sitting next to Erik EstradaI was almost glad to go out, as the party finished at the same time as the poker did. I had three hours to enjoy the festivities. First-up: A Playmate-led tour of the mansion (well, the grounds of the mansion). We saw the reptile and bird house, the monkey enclosures (the place has the only residential zoo license in LA apparently), and the games room, which was pretty cool for me as I’m into retro arcade machines. I also spent a fair amount of time looking at the back-end of a playmate, so all-in all a good tour.

Our Man in HeavanaI made a circuit of the grotto after that, there were a couple of topless girls frolicking in the pool playing up for the cameras, but mostly topless guys getting drunk. I sought out all the painted girls so I could get pictures with them, as that’s what your friends really want to see when you get home. The food was great (especially the gumbo), the drinks were free, and there were casino games going on everywhere. The atmosphere was nicely chilled, probably at least in part due to the free drinks. I had a great time, and will definitely try to go again next year. A big thank you Cake Poker and RakeTheRake for a fantastic weekend!”

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