Team RTR Vegas Update

Firstly many apologies to those of you looking for the updates.
We had a few “technical” difficulties…

RTR Team Vegas are in town.
The tour started with a fantastic drinks and dinner at Daniel Boulud’s restaurant at The Wynn

The 45 guests enjoyed fresh oysters, Main lobster and the famous Original prime grade sirloin DB burger.
RTR ensured that everybody left much heavier than when they first arrived, and well sustained for Event 48 starting on Friday.

So the first day of the event is over, and all indications suggest that the 30 strong team are down to 3
Daniel I
Jan Ove O
Matthew F

More than 2,300 players entered the event giving a predicted first place prize of $770,540, and the field has been reduced down to 194.

Most of RTR Team Vegas lasted about 3 sessions or more but it seems that all hopes now rest with Daniel I. who qualified through Cake Poker

Individual news….

Mariska V managed to get her stack up to 7500 at one stage but one our few lady players busted out in the 2nd session.
Marck K, made it to 4,800 at the end of the 2nd session…
Matt F, after a poor start found himself up at 7,600 at the end of the 2nd session
Paul L got off to a flyer with AA vs AK and doubled up almost immediately as did Kevin M who found himself all in 3 times in the first session coming out with a healthy 13,600 and close tio the chip lead.
But alas it was not to last and the first day also saw his exit
Scott S , all the way from Australia found himself called with JJ vs AK – the flop cam 3,7,9 and Scott was still ahead but his opponent found a K turn AND a K river to knock Scott out.

Overall given Team RTR Vegas’s starting number of 30 players, we predicted 3/4 players would make it through to the money and it looks like the maths held up.

Daniel currently lies in 97th place and has a chip stack of 38,100
Jan Ove in 58th with 57,700
Matthew is just hanging in there with 15,700

Congratulations to all 3 for making the money! And good luck on day 2!

You can follow all the action here

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