Virgin Poker – 1,000,000 Virgin Miles in July!

Up to 20 free flights to are to be won this month on Virgin Poker – exclusive to RTR players!

Dates of Promotion:

1st July 2008 to midnight on 31st July 2008

How to qualify for this promotion:

The first 15 Packages of 50,000 Virgin Club Miles will be awarded to:

  • Existing RTR Virgin (i.e. Pre July 1st 2008) players who rake a net €2,000 in July


  • New players who rake a net €1000 on Virgin Poker in July

There are only 15 packages in total between New and Existing players Click here for the current leader board.

The remaining 5 packages of 50,000 Miles will be awarded to the top 5 finishers in a freeroll. Players can qualify for a this freeroll as follows

  • Existing RTR Virgin (i.e. Pre July 1st 2008) players who rake a net €100 or more in July


  • New players who rake €1 on Virgin Poker in July

See below for full terms and conditions


The 20 flight winners will have the Flying Club Miles within 10 days of providing Virgin Poker with their Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account numbers.

Below is a sample of how you can use your Flying Club Miles.

Return Route Cabin Miles Required
London Las Vegas Economy 50000
London Las Vegas Upper Class 100000
London New York Premium Economy 54000
London Cape Town Upper Class 100000
London Sydney Economy 105000

Click here for the final June Free Flights Leaderboard – FINISHED

Terms & Conditions

  1. All players winning Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles must have a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account for the Miles to be deposited in. There is no cost involved in opening one.
  2. Miles are only available to be reclaimed on Virgin Atlantic flight routes ( or with their partners (
  3. Winners must book flights directly through Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Virgin Poker have no control over flight availability.
  4. When booking flights with Flying Club Miles passengers will still have to pay the cost of local airport taxes. These vary according to destination but are available on request from Virgin Atlantic.
  5. Flying Club Miles can only be credited to winners once Virgin Poker receive each players Flying Club account number. It will then take up to 10 working days for Flying Club Miles to be visible in accounts.
  6. Every RTR player to have raked over €100 on Virgin Poker in July and not won a flight will receive an e-mail from Virgin Poker by the 5th August with the password for the 10th August freeroll. The top 5 finishers in this tournament will each win 50,000 Flying Club Miles.
  7. Only 1 x 50,000 Miles Package per person can be won. All players who finish in the top 15 of the leader board will NOT be entered in to the freeroll
  8. All rake qualification totals are based on net rake which means your total rake after any bonuses earned are deducted


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