RTR Cashes First Time round as WSOP Debutant

Posted on by RTR Susannah

The 2k NLHE event that I won a seat to through RaketheRake was my first ever WSOP event. I just turned 21 last year so this was my first opportunity to play in the WSOP anyway. The event was a lot of fun, and I ran really well for the first ten levels or so, winning a huge pot with AQ, vs KK, vs 77 all in preflop to build what I think was the chip lead, which I held onto for an hour or two I think. That was midway through day 1 and for the rest of the day I kinda of slowly built up some chips until the end of the day when we were on the money bubble, and the tournament director decided to extend the play of Day 1 into extra levels in order to get into the money. I ended up pretty much terrorizing my table during the bubble, raising 4-5 pots an orbit, despite losing several big pots in preflop all in pots. I remember one hand, Full Tilt Poker pro Erica Schoenberg raised from utg, and I 3bet J6s on the button, and took it down on an AT9 flop, that was fun. Unfortunately I lost a big all in right before we got in the money which severly limited me. I ended day 1 with 38k chips which was below average. Day 2, my chips were pretty much on a roller coaster, up and down, up and down all day, with me running fairly well, until my last hand where I shoved 15bbs over a middle position raise with AJo, and got called by AThh, which then proceeded to make a flush to end my tournament. I got to say though, it was fun going to the payout section of the casino, and getting almost $7,000 in cash paid out to me directly. It is a much cooler feeling to win a lot of money like that in live poker, than it is online poker where all you see is a number on a screen. That said, playing for nearly 15 hours on day 1 definitely made me not like live poker so much! LOL!

Danny I.

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