World Series of Poker Day 1D Goes Underway

Posted on by RTR Susannah

For a main day of the World Poker Series, day 1D was huge in terms of the field count. It is now believed to be the single largest day field, completely destroying the 2006 record. Over 2200 people were recorded, which hints at a truly grand Main Event for the World Series of Poker 2008.
Day 1D is now believed to be the choice of the masters as several big names were discovered sauntering through the venue sites. Another impressive feat was the limitless stamina of the media as they struggled but succeeded yet again to make a new ‘story of the day’ despite six grueling weeks of poker repetitiveness.
The day ended with a big bang as over 2400 participants had registered at the end for the grand finale. This officially makes the World Series of Poker 2008 the second biggest WSOP ever, second only to the ’06 event. Credit has to be given to the management here as they managed to still run the whole affair quite smoothly.
One touching story was that of Stephen Kenna. After suffering from a severe back injury two years ago, he was unable to do much except go for a little online poker. A little turned into a lot as he kept winning, raking $25,000 in the process, and then decided to go up the ladder a tad. Day 1D saw Stephen Kenna take on the Vegas masters, as he was already at 40,000 up from his initial chip stack of 20,000. What is even more impressive is that this is his second year running as a qualifier through online poker. 2007 had seen this prodigy at day 1A when he lost to a very close Q-Q full house versus a K-K full house.

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