Full Tilt Rakeback Payments Now Weekly to your Full Tilt Account

As of July 2008, Full Tilt Rakeback payments will now be made weekly, directly to your FT rakeback account.
Most of you would have received your first payment yesterday (Friday)
This is a new system that has been introduced by Full Tilt. All negative amounts will be rolled over from week to week and month to month.

This will mean your payments will now be made faster and more regularly than the previous monthly system.
The minimum payment will be $0.01 rather than the previous $5

If you had a negative amount with us as of end of June, that will have been carried over and you will not receive any payments from FT until your negative carryover is wiped out.

If you had a rakeback balance of between $0 and $4.99 as at the end of June, we are trying to decide whether to ask FT to pay these amounts, or whether to put all the amounts ($6,000) in to a freeroll exclusively for the players who are owed these amounts in order to give you a chance to win bigger prizes. If you have a particular view/opinion on this subject, please let us know at info@raketherake.com

If you have any questions about this new FT payment system please address them to info@raketherake.com

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