Amarillo Slim now on the big screen

In a major motion picture release, Nicolas Cage will star as Amarillo Slim, widely believed to be one of the best poker players who ever lived, on the big screen. Currently characterized as being ‘in production’ by IMDB US, it is unclear as to when poker fans will get this treat. It is however, expected to be sometime in 2009.

Aptly called ‘Amarillo Slim’, this movie written by Christopher Wilkinson focuses on the life of the legendary gambler Amarillo Slim. It is an adaptation of “Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People: The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived”, which is, you guessed it, a book on the memoirs of Amarillo Slim. Christopher Wilkinson has previously been witnessed doing screenwriter magic on productions such as ‘Nixon’ and ‘Ali’. Braxton Pope is co-producing this movie with Nicolas Cage.

With this release slated to come out soon, speculations have already begun among poker fans the world over as to who would Doyle Brunson in this biopic. Current hot favorites are Woody Harrelson, Robert Duvall and Bruce Willis. Another rumor is that Milos Forman has been signed on to direct this major flick. We have seen Forman in action in past movies such as ‘Amadeus’, ‘Man on the Moon’, and ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. Man on the Moon was itself a major biopic starring Jim Carrey as legendary comedian Andy Kaufman..

The film is supposed to include Amarillo Slim’s sometimes crazy, sometimes funny but always a treat to watch bets. This includes the time he beat the ping pong world champion 21-0 using coke bottles, when he rafted down an impossible river stretch and mostly the time he won the World Poker Championship, 1972. What might be a real treat for die-hard poker fans is to witness the birth of Texas no Limit hold ’em by Slim along with Doyle Brunson. Whatever the story may be, this is sure to be a much awaited release.

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