WSOP Final Table Set

The World Series of Poker is over for now. That is until we take a break and get to November 9, when it all begins again, and with style. 9 Finalists have been chosen and will battle it out for the gold. A winner will be determined on November 10. In order of descending chip stack, the nine finalists are –

1. Dennis Phillips�
2. Ivan Demidov
3. Scott Montgomery
4. Peter Eastgate
5. Ylon Schwartz
6. Darus Suharto
7. David Rheem
8. Craig Marquis�
9. Kelly Kim

Since there is a lot of media buzz about these nine players, you should probably get acquainted with them over the next four months. So starting next week, there will be two posts a month about these players with information on their poker strategy and their biographies.

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