Toronto Police targets Underground Poker

The “Organized Crime Section Gambling Unit” of the Toronto Police Service conducted a wave of raids aimed at the private poker games taking place in Toronto with the arrest of almost 50 people. The raids took place on 18th July at four suspected gaming houses. Three of them were business locations while and the other was a sports bar and restaurant name “Garden of Eden”. All four holdings were registered as business outlets and not private residences.

The authorities confirmed that three raids were conducted in Toronto itself and the fourth took place in the city of Pickering, Ontario. 9 men were charged with owning Gambling Houses while 38 others were charged for being involved in them. Two of the 38 arrested were juveniles while the 45 adults had some people aging from 19 to 88. Toronto Police Service and Durham Regional Police confiscated around $12,000 from those convicted and $23,000 in the form of chips, chairs, cards, poker tables and other gambling equipment and accessories.

There were a similar series of raids that were conducted on 10th, November, 2007 by the Toronto Police. Almost 60 men were arrested then of which 3 men were charged with possessing cocaine. The police believe that the recent arrests were just a mild reminder of the organized underground poker operation taking place in Canada and that there were millions that were being minted every day. The police also believe that the online Poker games are also to be held responsible for the popularizing of the game.

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