Purple Lounge Olympic Challenge – The Pentathalon

Could you be the Purple Lounge Champion? To celebrate the Olympics we are offering prizes of over $200K in the month of August to our top performing players. There are 5 events to take part in with prizes for participants in each, win all of them and we will also give you 5 times your winnings, meaning you will walk away with $150K!

100 Metres – A short sprint, play fast to earn the most number of poker VIP points in one day. The winners will receive the following:

  • Gold – $2500
  • Silver -$1000
  • Bronze – $500

Relay – We are combining all VIP points earned playing poker during Saturdays in August to determine the winner of our Relay event. To qualify you must play every Saturday of the month.

  • Gold – $2500
  • Silver – $1000
  • Bronze – $500

Marathon – Taking the place of Mad Dash for Cash, our Marathon runs for the entire month, with prizes for the top 50 poker players ranked by raked hands, and the most number of VIP points earned.

  • Gold Raked Hands – $8000
  • Gold VIP points – $3500
  • Full prize structure on our website

High Jump – Jump up to take the prize at this event – it will be awarded to the player who moves up the most number of places in our monthly poker rankings.

  • Gold – $2500
  • Silver – $1000
  • Bronze – $500

50KM Walk – Stamina will be needed here, as this event is run on the most number of games played in our casino.

  • Gold – $6000
  • Silver – $2000
  • Bronze – $1000

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In regards to this promotion, a ‘Day’ is considered to be 00:01 GMT- 23:59 GMT
  2. In order to win the top prize of $150,000, the player must win Gold in all events, including in the Marathon the top prize for VIP points and Raked Hands.
  3. 100 Metres – prizes will be awarded to the players who earn the most VIP points in a single day as defined by term 1.
  4. Relay – prizes will be awarded to the players who earned the most number of VIP points over combined Saturdays in August. In order to qualify for this event, players must play during every Saturday.
  5. High Jump – prizes will be awarded to the players who move up the highest number of places in our monthly leader-board, based on number of raked hands played in August as compared to July.In relation to starting position, new players and those who finished July over position 1000 will be considered to start August from position 1000.
  6. 50KM Walk – prizes will be awarded to players who play the highest combined amount of spins and hands in our casino during the month of August. Both download casino and casino in poker qualify for this event.
  7. Usual Purple Lounge Terms and Conditions apply


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