Everest Poker – $50,000 Summit Points Race – Exclusive to RTR Players Only!

Get 10% extra reward (in addition to your bonuses!) for every 7000 points you earn at Everest in November and December

Dates of Promotion: 1st November 2008 to midnight on the 31st December 2008

Prize Pool: $50,000

How to qualify for this promotion:

Every RTR player will get $100 for every 7000 summit points they earn at Everest between now and 31st December 2008. The amount you can receive is unlimited!

Earn 7000 points and you will get an extra $100 for the period
Earn 14,000 points and you will get a total of $200 for the period
Earn 21,000 points and you will get a total of $300 for the period

(NB so if you earn 17,500 points you only get $200 in total, you need to reach the next target)


Players who finish in winning positions on our leader board will receive their prizes direct to their poker account on or before the 15th day of the following month.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that this promotion applies only to points you EARN at the table and not bonus points you earn on multipliers at different VIP levels.

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