$1,000,000 World Series Cash Match At Everest Poker

Posted on by RTR Susannah

All players who qualify for the World Series $10,000 Main Event through Everest Poker’s Steps sit & go’s and scheduled tournaments have the chance to win even more money.

The more Everest players that qualify means your chance for winning extra cash increases.

They are going match the total winnings of all qualified players up to $1 million. And then they are going to distribute it evenly among all their players.

So even if you don’t end up cashing in at the Main Event, you still have the chance to cash in with Everest Poker.

How does the $1 Million Match work?

It’s simple. They will match the total amount their players take home from the World Series Main Event prize pool up to $1 million total. Then they will take that amount and distribute equally among all players who qualified for the event.

For example, let’s say 100 Everest players qualify for the 2009 World Series Main Event.
And 20 players end up finishing in the money, and say these 20 players win a total of $700,000 between them.
Everest will then distribute $700,000 of their own money among each of the 100 players who qualified for the Main Event. Each of those players will receive $7000, to be deposited into their Everest Poker account.

Click here for full details of the $1,000,000 Match Promotion

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