Great partnerships make the world go round!

Would there have ever been a successful Bill Clinton without a Hilary to mop up the mess he left behind?

Would Tony Blair have become Prime Minister without the surly Cherie to keep up his pecker in times of trouble?

Would Cagney have been able to crack so many cases without the sturdy presence of Lacey to her back at all times?

We might never know the answers to these deep and meaningful questions, but what we can assume is that working together is always better than going it alone.

Obviously, you would be arrested (at best) if you worked together during a poker game, because the tight stipulations of poker rules state you would gain an unfair advantage in doing so.

However, there is one way that partnerships can be influential within the poker industry. offers affiliate partnerships.

If you want to set up your own white label rakeback site for you and your friends, becoming a rakeback affiliate means that the rakeback network will deal with all the stresses of customer services and making the links to the assortment of poker rooms. All you will have to do is market your site in an appropriate manner.

In essence, you can earn money from your own rakeback website, through their affiliate partnership program. You can customize your site to add or remove the poker rooms you want, control the layout, and even add your own company logo.

The affiliate partnership program allows you to take that first step into the online poker industry, while being fully supported by RakebackPartners expertise.

There was a time when you might get broken knuckles in a Las Vegas casino for teaming up with someone else. Working together to form your own rakeback website is the only way forward in this day and age.

Start your own rakeback site

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