ATM Gremlins Gobble Vegas Gamblers Cash!

As if we didn’t have enough machines to take our money. Normally we are quite happy feeding the slots and poker machines as we do have a lot of fun and may actually win in the process, but I really have to draw a big line when it comes to my bank ATM getting in on the act! 

Gamblers in Vegas were all hit hard by the ATM gremlins as the glitch infiltrated several ATM machines around the city resulting in as many as 40,000 transactions being affected. Customers were going to the machine and using their cards as they normally do and all went fine till the machine was supposed to issue the cash. The machine didn’t pay out. So as any self-respecting bank account owner would do, they tried again. Still no cash! 

Shrugging off the event as a machine error and putting it to the back of their minds was the typical response. However, customers were in for a nasty shock when they checked their balances with their bank. The machines had been debiting the cash but not issuing the funds! 

As you can imagine this caused quite a few tempers to flare around the city and in bank branches. It seems that the glitch is not actually caused by the account holder’s bank, but instead is a problem that has occurred with the ATM operator GCA that owns most of the ATM’s in Vegas city casinos. To add insult to injury the ATM machines have also been charging customers a fee for the supposed cash withdrawal! 

A spokesman for GCA has offered his most sincere apologies and that all funds will be re-credited to account holders bank accounts. The glitch has been blamed on an interface between the machines and visa authorising system. Thankfully the promise of refund has appeased many players. 

Just goes to show that the cult movie was right. Don’t feed the (ATM) gremlins after midnight or you’re in for trouble!!!

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