Vegas Meatball Marathon!

People often associate Las Vegas with excess and over indulgence and we could certainly see their point when we heard about Joey Chestnut! This powerhouse eating machine hit the Vegas headline for his participation in the first ever Martorano’s Masters Meatball Eating Championship. Yes, you did read that correctly, a meatball eating competition! The restaurant owner Steve Martorano came up with the idea, “I was debating whether to have a cheese steak eating contest or a meatball eating contest,” Martorano explained. “We’re really known for our meatballs, though. Gourmet magazine said we have the best meatballs in the world in 2007.”

The efforts of Joey Chestnut have actually broken the World Record for meatball consumption when he wolfed down 50 meatballs in ten minutes with a total weight of 6.25 lbs. The competition took place at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Vegas and was a Major League Eating-sanctioned competition. The competition prize wasn’t peanuts either with the winner taking home $1500. If you thought that the result was unexpected then you would be wrong, as Joey is quite the athlete in the field of competitive eating. He has been known to seize the championship in competitions featuring chicken, pizza and Hotdogs!

The competition was a utensil only rule, which means no stuffing the meatballs in by hand! The six foot 218 lb Chestnut grabbed the title by just one ball as the second place was taken by Pat ‘deep dish’ Bertolli who consumed 49 of the meaty treats. A surprising outsider took the third place in the form of Sonya Thomas who weighed in at a flyweight of just 105 pounds but managed to eat 42 meatballs. Certainly a competitive eating champion in the making we think, or someone who was very hungry after her time on the poker tables!

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