A new bill to override the UIGEA?

A new bill that would advance the legalization and regulation (and taxation) of online gambling in the United States on a national scale has been introduced to U.S. Congress by Senators Judd Gregg and Ron Wyden.

The bill, S3108, or the Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act, is, on the surface, an ambitious effort to overhaul a great deal of tax laws and regulations in the United States. Described by the media as a call to dramatically lower taxes on big corporations, which would result in cutting corporation tax from by 11 percent to a flat rate of 24 percent
The bill also notes that there are rewards to be gotten from the taxation of casinos and poker and thus, indicates the legalisation and regulation of online gambling in the U.S. as part of the overall plan.

It’s an ambitions bill and the idea of reducing corporation tax in the current economic climate will be met with controversy. However the prospect of resolving the issue of online gambling legislation can surely only be a good thing.

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