Eating out at City Center, Vegas!

The new CityCenter in Las Vegas is an $8.5 billion dollar behemoth and is filled with rooms, suites, shopping and restaurants to enjoy. The area is a tribute to decadence and you can choose from a multitude of cafes and restaurants for your evening out. The CityCenter is made up of several resorts – the Vdara, the Mandarin Oriental, the Aria and Crystals. If you are planning a trip in the coming months, here is something to whet your appetite on where to eat.

Our first stop was Aria. This is the centerpiece resort for the complex. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in this area alone and a taste to suit everyone. Our favorite here was a choice between the Blossom Thai restaurant offering savory oriental cuisine and, for my sweet tooth, the Jean Philippe Patisserie with its mouth watering pastries and gelato.

The Mandarin boasts the Twist restaurant that belongs to Pierre Gagnaire. The restaurant is up on the 23rd floor and has the wonderful touch of having the chef greet the diners. There is nothing quite like having a quick hello with the man who is about to make you weak kneed with his culinary skills! If you really want to just pig out, then how about a second desert in the Amore Patisserie. A cup of coffee can set you back $24 here, although it is sprinkled with gold to justify that price.

Step into the future with Crystals and feel like you have been catapulted to a time of technical revolution. Still under construction, we were not able to try all the cafes and restaurants, but one that drew our attention was the Pods… watch out for this if you are planning a visit.

Finally, last but most certainly not least is Vdara Resort. There is really only one place to eat and that is the Silk Road. This rather unusual mix of Mediterranean meets Asian is a pleasure and will delight you. Again, the feel is very modern and techno. After your meal, escape from the restaurant for a quiet drink with someone special in Bar Vdara and plan your next day’s adventures in the city of lights.

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