Online Poker’s Popularity is Going Up, Up, Up!

Why is online poker becoming so popular?

Online poker games have many advantages over conventional games. You can’t play regular games 24/7, even in Vegas. Whereas if you wanted to, you could relieve yourself on the toilet while dominating a poker tournament online. There is no way you could do that playing poker with your buddies in person. You could wake up at 5am and start playing. Could you gather up your college friends on Sunday to play some poker at 5am? Good luck with that.

Another great advantage of online poker is that there is a time constraint for every player to make a bet or to check or fold. If you are playing people in person they can take a fairly long amount of time before making a decision and it can be awkward or impolite to rush other players. If you don’t make a decision online at a quick enough pace then your cards will automatically be fold. Additionally, The CPU dealer hands out cards within seconds of the previous hand’s completion.  No need to wait for shuffling and misdeals.

Most online players improve their games faster simply because they get to play more hands. They play more hands not only because online poker is played at a faster pace but also because many players play on multiple tables at the same time. After playing for a few months online at multiple tables you will be able to see all different types of hands and play against all different types of unique players.

Playing online saves you money on your winnings. How you ask? If you are playing at a casino, unfortunately you’re pretty much obligated to tip the dealer anytime you win a big hand. As if it was dealer who gave you the cajones to go all in and bluff out an opponent. There will be no need to tip a CPU dealer for any hand you win. 

Playing poker online also allows you to play poker in the comforts of your home. Also if you play poker online you can pick exactly what type of table you want to play at. You could play in a tournament or play someone heads up. You could go to a 10-man table or a smaller table with only three players. You have so many options online on the type of game and the amount of money you want to play, whereas if you are playing in person at a casino your options will be a lot more limited.

Finally another reason online poker is better than poker at a casino is because you can take advantage of many loyalty programs and online promotions offered by big rakeback sites. You can win back the money that you gave away in rake just by playing poker on one of the sites affiliated to a rakeback site.  Try asking the casino you play at for some of your rakeback. Loyalty programs and rakeback sites give you back money for hands you play. The more hands you play the more rakeback you will receive.

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