No Joke: Al Pacino and Jack Kevorkian will play Poker

Posted on by RTR Susannah

Upon hearing that actor Al Pacino and the media-labeled “Suicide Doctor” Jack Kevorkian were going to play poker games with each other, most people would be wondering where the punch line is.  However, the aforementioned scenario is actually going to happen and no punch line is involved.

Pacino is traveling to Michigan to play poker with Kevorkian since the infamous doctor invited him there.  Pacino, who is playing Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the HBO movie You Don’t Know Jack, got the invite from Kevorkian at the film’s premiere and was very excited to attend.  He said, “He’s invited me to Detroit to play poker.  For Jack, I think I’ll go do it.” 

Neither man will need any courses on how to play poker since both are big fans of the game.  Kevorkian is especially a fan of online poker and said of Pacino, “Any man who plays poker can’t be all that bad.”  Unfortunately, the men won’t be able to collect any rakeback from their game since it will be a live event.  At this time, no time and place is set for the poker game between Kevorkian and Pacino, but the media is sure to pick up on the details when they’re announced because both of these men are world-famous.

Kevorkian gained his fame when he championed the cause of doctor-assisted suicide during the 1980’s.  He ended up being convicted of second degree murder and served 8 years in prison after helping almost 100 people commit suicide.  Pacino is well known for his countless movie roles in films such as Scarface, Donnie Brasco, The Godfather, and Any Given Sunday.  Lately, Pacino has been getting involved in plenty of texas poker games, and should be well-prepared for his game with Kevorkian when the time comes.

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