PokerStars rolls out Daniel Negreanu Room

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Having starred in movies, TV shows, and music videos, Daniel Negeanu is the most recognizable face at PokerStars.  And PokerStars obviously realizes this fact since they have decided to open up a high stakes online poker room dedicated to Negreanu. 

As you might have guessed, these high stakes poker tables are collectively called Daniel’s Room.  And these tables offer stakes starting at $20/$40 and going up to $100/$200. 

As if the massive deals you can collect aren’t enough incentive to play on the high stakes holdem poker tables at Stars, you can also play against Negreanu himself.  Negreanu has been frequenting the $100/$200 stakes at PokerStars in an effort to sharpen his skill in poker games, and he will no doubt be in Daniel’s Room quite a bit.  If you happen to play your poker hands well enough at a table where Negreanu is playing, he might ask you to be on the PokerStars TV show.

To find the Daniel’s Room tables in the lobby and get your chance to appear on television, just look for the tables that have a red DR label by them.  Once you find one of these rooms, you can jump on a table and start playing some high stakes internet poker! 

Of course, before you do any of this you’ll have to complete the poker download for Stars so that you’re ready to play in the high stakes rooms.  And if you’re not quite ready for the high limits, you should definitely learn some poker strategy.  When you learn how to play poker online with the best of them, you should visit one of the tables in Daniel’s Room and start winning.

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