Carbon Poker is holding Million Dollar World Cup Promo

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The World Cup is the world’s largest sporting event since millions of football fans tune in to watch it.  And Carbon Poker is adding even more excitement to the event by holding the World Cup Mega Million promotion.

As the name implies, the Mega Million will give online poker players $1,000,000 in cash prizes during the month of June.  To participate in the World Cup Mega Million, you only need to complete the poker download of Carbon; this will also allow you to take advantage of the 35% rakeback deals that Carbon Poker has.  Once you’re signed up, you can simply start playing in poker games at Carbon to accumulate VIP Points.  Each point you earn in the month of June will move you up the leaderboard towards more cash. 

In all, 12,500 internet poker players will earn a piece of the million dollar prize pool with the top players earning as much as $25,000.  The amount of cash you make through the World Cup Mega Million depends on what level you finish at in the month of June.  For example, if you finish at the eighth level, you will receive a $125 prize.  If you really like to take advantage of online poker deals, you can earn 100,000 VIP Points and finish at the 15th level where you can get the top prize of $15,000.

Of course, you won’t only earn the prize at the level you finish at, but you’ll also earn all of the prizes at the lower levels too.  So if you finished at the aforementioned 15th level, you would earn the $15,000 top prize plus the $10,000 that’s given throughout the lower levels.  This is in addition to all of the rakeback you’d be collecting along the way too!

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