Learn From The Pros, Play Like The Pros

Some players follow the belief that if you always approach the game of poker as if you have something to learn, you will; because it is what you learn after you already know it all that really counts and can make you a master. If that is the case then a new poker training website on the market could be of interest to those newcomers to the game of online poker and veteran players alike. Blue Fire Poker is a recently launched poker training site developed by Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, a well-known online poker mastermind who is famous for walking away with millions in online games such as Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em as well as being a World Series of Poker* bracelet holder.

What most players seem to like about the site is that there are many options and choices available to users which are clearly displayed in an easy to navigate design. Users can easily see who they are dealing with as those who organize and run the site have posted their histories and credentials as well as some of their personal best poker moments and accomplishments. These professionals include the likes of such household poker names as Niman Kenkre, Marin Fourniet Giguere, Ryan Fee, Jason Senti and Don Nguyen, all of whom have posted many educational articles regarding the game of poker as well as videos that users can access. There is also a forum where users can talk about anything poker and share ideas with each other.

Many users have blogged that they feel the educational videos on this site are second to none, mostly due to the fact that these professionals hold nothing back from users of the site. No secrets on Blue Fire Poker, just straight-forward sharing of strategies and game plans to help users of the site improve their game and increase the overall competitiveness in the online gaming poker field. Once you’ve checked out the site and learned all the secrets from the pros, you can try them out for yourself and whilst collecting rakeback cash from your online game too. 

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