Poker Players to Play on Top of Mountain

The world of poker is filled with plenty of exciting and fascinating venues.  In fact, every poker room offers its own bit of character to players, which sometimes makes the experience just as good as the actual game.  Apparently though, regular poker rooms aren’t good enough for two UK residents as they’ve decided to play poker on a mountain top instead. 

Conor Toner and Paul Brady of Portsmouth plan on playing poker games at the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales.  Both of these guys are managers at casinos in Portsmouth, and they want to climb the 1,085-foot Mt. Snowdon in the name of charity.  Their goal is to raise £10,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and eventually play some holdem poker at the top of the mountain.

The plan is for Toner and Brady to spend a few hours climbing to the top of the mountain.  Once they reach the top, the casino managers will play a small poker tournament with their climbing team.  There’s no word yet on whether there will be money involved in the poker hands or if the mountain top game will consist of free poker, but even if no money is exchanged this will still be a monumental event. 

The only sad thing about this wonderful charity act is that they don’t offer rakeback in games held at the top of a mountain.  After all, everybody knows that you have to play at the leading poker sites in order to cash in on rakeback deals.  Even still, it will be lots of fun for Toner and Brady to play poker at the top of a mountain.  And it will be very interesting to see if this event inspires other players to seek out odd locations for poker games.

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