Omaha, Do You Go High Or Hi-Lo?

The two variants of the poker game Omaha, known as Omaha High and Omaha Hi-Lo have some differences that can be easy to understand when simply stated and finding the one that is the best fit for you can lead to a long time relationship of good gaming fun. A quick look at some of the differences and similarities can easily help you decide which version of the game is best for you.

First of all, while the hand selection in Omaha Hi-Lo does have some similarities to Omaha High they are actually completely different. In Omaha High the real goal in your hand selection is to maximize possible nut draws by finding those suited aces, high pairs and connected cards. The two ultimate best hands are therefore the AA-J-T double suited and AA-KK double suited.

In Omaha Hi-Lo on the other hand, the intention is to hold a nut high draw as well as a nut low draw in order to open the door for taking the pot. In order to obtain this one would similarly look for suited aces, however rather than connected or high cards you should go for low ones. In other words, your ideal hand would be a AA-2-3 double suited with a AA-4-4 following closely behind.

Therefore, players in both games ideally want to find themselves holding the all-powerful suited aces but other than that things are quite different. In general, choosing your hand is much easier for beginners in Omaha Hi. Another thing to look out for in both versions of the popular poker game are danglers, or cards that connect with the remaining cards in your hand. Danglers are bad news no matter which version you venture to try your hand at. In general, both versions of Omaha of course have their strong and weak hands but in Omaha Hi you have the chance of being dealt additional hands that are going to get you into trouble than in Omaha Hi-Lo (such as run-down hands).

Both versions of this game are creating omaholics world wide as the challenge of the game brings with it both big time competition and big time winnings.

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