$156,000 won on Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

In most cases, bad beats are an excuse for people to get on forums and whine about poker hands that they should have won.  But at Carbon Poker, bad beats are about much more than whining; in fact, you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars through a bad beat at Carbon!

“dk2112” did so earlier this week after suffering a terrible bad beat at the hands of “BlackOutBob.”  dk2112  held four sevens on the turn while BlackOutBob held trips eights, which prompted heavy betting action from both players.  When the river was an eight, BlackOutBob went all-in only to be called by dk2112.  Much to the surprise of dk2112, BlackOutBob actually had better poker cards, and won the $55 pot that was involved.

But dk2112 was by far the biggest winner after collecting a massive online poker prize of $156,402 for the bad beat.  BlackOutBob also cashed in for $78,201 as the winner of this hand; the other five players at the poker table collected $13,000 each.

As you can see, Carbon’s bad beat jackpots are one of the best online poker deals in the industry.  Players can win over $100,000 just for suffering a bad beat while playing internet poker!  Even if they don’t suffer the bad beat, players can still cash in just by sitting at the table where the bad beat occurred. 

If you’re interested in playing for Carbon’s huge bad beat jackpot, you should download their poker software and start playing at the bad beat tables.  You only need to lose with four sevens or better to set off the bad beat jackpot.  In addition to the bad beat jackpot, you can also cash in on Carbon’s 35% rakeback deals by signing up where rakeback is offered.

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