Minted Poker has Highest Rakeback Deal

Whether you’re a serious poker player or not, rakeback is crucial because it gives you lots of money back on rake paid. So if you’re not taking advantage of rakeback deals, then you are at a severe disadvantage to the rest of the online poker world.

That being said, you can gain the ultimate advantage by playing at MintedPoker, which offers the highest non-VIP rakeback deal out there. If you’re signed up for the deal at MintedPoker, you’ll receive an incredible 40% rakeback!

Fortunately, the fantastic online poker deals at MintedPoker don’t end with the rakeback since you can also participate in promotions such as the $1,000,000 Ladder, Facebook freerolls and the Mexican Riviera Cruise satellites.

Out of these promotions, the $1,000,000 Ladder promo is the most eye-catching because it gives players the chance to work their way up to a $1 million prize. You can buy in at any step with Step 1 costing just $0.33 to play. At each step, you’ll play poker in a sit & go, and your finish in these tournaments will determine if you advance towards the million dollar prize. Even if you don’t reach the $1,000,000 prize, you can still win thousands of dollars along the way too.

The Facebook freerolls are nice because all you have to do to participate is “Like” MintedPoker on Facebook. Once MintedPoker has 1,000 friends, they’ll run a $500 Facebook freeroll; they will also run $750 (2,500 friends), $1,250 (5,000 friends), $1,500 (10,000 friends), and $4,000 (25,000 friends) freerolls when enough people have liked MintedPoker on Facebook.

Another great promotion that MintedPoker is running are the aforementioned Mexican Riviera Cruise satellites. This promo is just like it sounds in that you’ll be able to win a Mexican Riviera cruise just by playing in satellites and free poker tournaments at MintedPoker.

So if you want to get involved in these promotions and earn 40% in rakeback, complete the poker download for MintedPoker and get started!

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