Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson say Las Vegas Poker Scene is Dead

It looks like Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson will be sticking to online poker or finding somewhere else to live since they say the Las Vegas casino poker scene is dead.

Brunson, who can often be seen advertising DoylesRoom, was the first to chime in about Las Vegas’ disappearing cash game action. In his blog Doyle wrote, “Las Vegas is becoming more and more a not very desirable place for a poker pro to live. There simply isn’t very many high limit games anywhere. What’s with the economy, the world wide tournaments, and the internet poker, the outlook for live cash games are bleak. Poker is on the verge of making a very significant change and in my opinion very bad change. I’m considering moving to California; at least there are a few mid level games that are played regularly.”

After Brunson expressed his concerns about the lack of big poker games in Las Vegas, Ivey backed him up by saying, “Once Chip Reese died it was pretty much over. He was pretty much the backbone of the high-stakes games and now, there’s really no big game anymore, except for during the World Series, or when a tournament is in town, or something like that. So yeah, there’s no real reason to be there.”

Much like Brunson, Ivey is also thinking of moving to California to play in the poker clubs there; however, you can’t rule out other locations for Ivey either. Just a couple of months ago he, John Juanda, and Tom Dwan made poker news headlines for playing in some huge cash games in Macau. This trio locked horns with some Chinese businessmen – Richard Yong, Paul Phua and Wang Qiang – who reportedly donated millions of dollars to the poker pros.

But no matter where Ivey chooses to live, he always seems to find plenty of online cash games at Full Tilt Poker. And even if Ivey decides to stay in Vegas, he’ll earn lots of money from the 27% rakeback offer that Full Tilt runs.

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