60 Billionth Hand Promotion at PokerStars

PokerStars is fast approaching the 60 billionth dealt hand at their site, and they want to celebrate by offering big cash prizes to players as they approach this milestone. For every millionth hand that’s dealt on the march towards hand number 60 billion, players at the poker table will receive a prize. It’s really that simple; just be sitting at a table where a millionth hand is dealt to win!

Of course, not every hand is equal because the amount of VIP points (VPP’s at PokerStars) will play into how much you receive in winning poker hands. For example, if you’ve earned 1 VPP and you’re dealt into a millionth hand, your prize will be less than a player who has earned 50 VPP’s.

But even with the prize discrepancy, the great thing about this deal is that any player at any stakes can win one of the cash prizes since the offer is totally random. What’s more is that you could win as much as $1,000 or more just by playing in one of these poker games when a millionth hand is dealt.

The biggest prize comes if you’re involved in the 60 billionth hand that’s dealt. All of the players at the table during this hand will receive big prizes, and the winner of the hand will earn at least $60,000! In all, there will be close to $1 million given out during the 60 billionth hand promotion.

The promo is still young because PokerStars is only at hand number 59,768,841,745, which means there are 231 hand prizes left in addition to the 60 billionth hand. If you play poker quite a bit already, you might as well download the poker software for Stars, and give yourself a chance to earn extra prizes.

Tip of the Day: In PokerStars 60 billionth hand promotion, or any other online poker hand-based promo for that matter, you stand a better chance of winning by multi-tabling and extending your sessions (earn more VIP points).

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