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If you like games like Divide and Conquer, then Party Poker has something right up your alley with World Domination. This is one of the most unique Party Poker promotions ever, and it sees people conquering cities all over the world by earning Party Points. When you conquer a city, you’ll earn prizes that range from freeroll poker tournament seats to a top prize of $100,000! When this is all said and done, World Domination will be one of the biggest Party Poker promotions ever.

As far as earning prizes goes, you need to rack up Party Points between July 8th and August 31st. When you collect 5 points at Party Poker, you’ll earn your first conquered city and prize. From then on, you conquer randomly assigned cities and receive prizes after every 10 Party Points. If you’re able to conquer all 72 featured cities, you will receive the giant $100,000 prize (keep in mind that cities are random, so you’ll be conquering certain cities twice or more).

Getting into the specifics of the cities, Party Poker has spread them out across several continents and regions, and the value of your prizes depend on the specific city/country/continent. Here is a breakdown of some prizes you can get in the biggest of the July Party Poker promotions:

Continent Prizes

– World Domination $100,000

– Europe $20,000

– North America $15,000

– South America $10,000

– Asia $5,000

– Oceania $5,000

Country Prizes

– Canada $1,500

– Germany $1,500

– Poland $1,200

– USA $1,100

– France $1,000

(lots more country prizes)

City Prizes

– Berlin $20

– Paris $15

– Ottawa $10

– London $8

– Shanghai $5

(lots more city prizes)

Now this wouldn’t be one of the largest Party Poker promotions ever without some massive freeroll entries mixed in, and here is a look at what Party is offering on this front when you conquer certain cities:

– Hamburg $10,000 Freeroll

– Hyderabad $8,000 Freeroll

– Mar del Plata $7,000 Freeroll

– Perth $6,000 Freeroll

– Miami $5,000 Freeroll

– Naples $4,000 Freeroll

– Newcastle $3,000 Freeroll

– Tijuana $2,000 Freeroll

– Vancouver $1,000 Freeroll

If you’re interested in playing for the massive amount of prizes in World Domination, just get to Party Poker and sign up. You’ll not only be able to earn big prizes in World Domination, but you will also have the opportunity to play in all of the other great Party Poker promotions too.

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