Want to win a Kindle on top of your poker rakeback deal?

All you RakeTheRake rakeback players out there have the chance to win a fabulous Kindle, or one of 5 RakeTheRake hoodies when you share your worst hand brag with us!

We’ve unearthed some hilarious clips of Phil Ivey and Tommy Reed making an almighty mess of their hands and thought it would be fun for you to see theirs and then share yours with us and other RakeTheRake players.

It’s your moment of fame, the chance to celebrate the fact that you’re not the only player who messes up. And realise that, thankfully, you probably didn’t have the same size audience as Phil or Tommy did!

So think back and come on in to the RakeTheRake forum to share your worst hand anecdote. Our forum’s a place where you’re amongst friends and you might even end up chatting about some other poker stuff too.

Our friendly prize draw allows entries until November 30 so don’t be shy!

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