Common Rakeback Questions

One of the most intriguing, yet puzzling concepts to beginner poker players is rakeback. Most players know that rakeback is a good thing, but they aren’t sure how it works, or what you can do to get the most value out of rakeback. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked rakeback questions.

1. What is rakeback?

Beginning with the most obvious question, rakeback is a percentage of money that players receive back based on how much rake they pay online poker sites. To illustrate this concept, let’s say that you have a 40% rakeback deal, and a poker tournament costs $100 + $10 (rake) to enter; in this instance, you would ultimately only have paid $6 in rake instead of $10, once you got your rake back.

2. Who pays rakeback?

Contrary to what some beginners poker players think, it isn’t the online poker sites themselves that pay rakeback. Instead, it is the affiliate poker sites players sign up through that pay the rakeback money. This is something affiliate sites do (as the poker rooms pay the affiliates a commission) to entice poker players to sign up through them.

3. Can I still get rakeback if I’ve already signed up at a poker site?

Unfortunately, once you’ve already signed up directly at an online poker room, you can’t sign up again through an affiliate site just to get rakeback. So it’s important to sign up at a poker site through an affiliate to get rakeback deals from the outset.

4. How do I get the best rakeback deals?

It isn’t hard to spot a great rakeback deal because the higher percentage you’re earning, the more money you are going to get back. To find the best rakeback deals, you need to look for an affiliate site that’s offering a lot of different rakeback options. You can find plenty of the top rakeback deals right here at RakeTheRake. But also check which affiliate gives the best monthly promotions.

5. When does rakeback get paid?

There is no universal timetable on when rakeback is paid. This all varies on a site-by-site basis, and payout dates normally range from daily to one month. Rakeback affiliate sites are also dependent on the poker sites paying them in order for them to pay out their players.

6. Is there any drawback to rakeback?

There’s really no downside to taking advantage of a rakeback offer, and you only have free money to gain by doing so. It’s definitely to your benefit to look for rakeback deals whenever you sign up at a new poker site.

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