Stan James Big Money Sunday is Huge

If you’d rather not sign up at a bunch of different online poker sites just to find big tournaments, then you should take a look at Stan James Poker. After all, Stan James runs €3 million worth of poker tournaments every month, which includes their Big Money Sunday promotion.

At the very least, Big Money Sunday will offer a €100,000 Guaranteed Rebuy tournament at 19:00 GMT, and the direct buy-in is €100 + €10. If you can’t afford the €110 buy-in, there are also plenty of poker satellites running that cost as little as €1.50 + €0.15. But no matter how you make it into the €100k Guaranteed, keep in mind that every player will start with 2,000 poker chips, blinds increase every 15 minutes, and €55 rebuys/add-ons are allowed for the first 55 minutes. It’s also worth mentioning that the winner of this event will receive a minimum of €25,000!

On the first Sunday of every month at 19:00 GMT, Stan James Poker will double the Big Money Sunday tournament prize pool to €200,000. Of course this also means that the direct buy-in is higher at €300 + €20, but again, there will be satellites running. Those who play in the €200k Guaranteed will begin with a starting stack worth 5,000 chips, and blind levels move up every 20 minutes.

On special occasions, Stan James holds a €500,000 Guaranteed tournament during Big Money Sunday. Just like with the €200k Guaranteed, this poker tournament charges a €300 + €20 buy-in, and both the starting stacks and blind levels are the same.

As you can see, Stan James is definitely a great place to play poker for those who love big tournaments. And don’t forget that if you sign up at Stan James through RakeTheRake, you’ll receive 30% rakeback, which comes in very hand with tournament buy-ins. For example, if you paid the €300 + €20 (rake) direct buy-in for the €200k, you would reduce the buy-in by €6.

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