Kyle Weir: Unemployed to Millionaire at PokerStars

One of the great things about online poker is that it has the potential to turn players into millionaires overnight. Kyle “First-Eagle” Weir recently found this out after winning the largest poker tournament in history at PokerStars.

The tournament in question was the PokerStars 10th Anniversary Sunday Million, and 62,116 players paid the $215 buy-in to create a record $12,423,200 prize pool. Weir managed to navigate his way through the massive field of players, and on towards a $1,146,574 payday.

Obviously the money is impressive here, but what’s especially interesting about Weir’s win is the fact that the Toronto, Canada native was previously unemployed. The little money he did make came from playing internet poker as he said, “I’ve always played cards to scrape together money.”

Unfortunately, scraping money together wasn’t quite cutting it because the 24-year-old owed thousands of dollars in student loans. But luckily for Weir, he’ll finally have the loans taken care of as he said, “I plan on paying off some loans I have built up over the years paying for college. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders getting rid of those.” In addition to paying his student loans off, Weir also talked about sending his parents on vacation, and possibly branching out into casino poker in the future.

He mentioned competing in some of the PokerStars leaderboard races too by adding, “Tournament leaderboards are still out there. Why stop after such a great run? I just hope it continues. I would love a chance to play some live events soon. We’ll just see where the next few months take me.”

One more thing worth mentioning about Kyle Weir is that he started out as a simple home games player. And just a few years later, he’s won the largest online poker tournament in history!

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