Merge Gaming Bad Beat Jackpot nearing $600k

Historically, Merge Gaming has always offered one of the largest bad beat jackpots in online poker. In fact, a player named “RUGGIO” once unlocked a $1.2 million Merge jackpot after seeing his jack-high straight fall to a king-high straight.

It seems as if the Merge Gaming bad beat jackpot is on the rise again since it’s at $570k, and rapidly increasing. In order to unlock this bad beat prize, you need to play at one of the Merge Gaming sites like Aced, Carbon Poker, Poker Nordica and/or RPM Poker. If you’re a member of one of these sites, the next step is to hop on a designated bad beat table and play for the jackpot.

When you play on a bad beat table, $0.50 is taken from each pot to contribute to the big prize. In order to unleash the bad beat jackpot, one player at the table needs to lose with quad sevens or better while using both of their hole cards. Assuming this happens, the hand loser receives 35% of the jackpot, the hand winner gets 17.5%, remaining players who were dealt into the hand split 17.5% of the money, 10% goes to Merge as payment for running this promotion, and the last 20% goes to reseeding the next bad beat jackpot.

Also keep in mind that when you play poker hands at Merge Gaming sites, you’ll receive VIP points. And Merge rooms basically share the same VIP system where frequent players get poker cashback, enter poker tournaments for free, receive birthday gifts, play in special freerolls, and get a host of other benefits that can help you make a lot of extra money. So if you’re looking to get rich instantly through a bad beat jackpot, and receive rewards on the side, check out a Merge Gaming site.

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