Meows about that!

Posted on by RTR Dave

Obviously great rakeback deals and online poker news are my main areas of interest here at the RakeTheRake blog, but I couldn’t resist sharing this story about a strange development in the Tottenham-Liverpool game earlier this week.

The Tuesday night Tottenham v Liverpool match had to be tempurrarily purrstponed due to an uninvited four-legged addition to proceedings. The already infamous ‘Anfield Cat’ strolled onto the pitch just 10 minutes into play. The furry intruder sauntered over to Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel before retreating to the sidelines of its own accord after Anfield stewards’ attempts to shoo the feline pitch-invader had failed.

Hailed by some as the most exciting thing ever to happen to football, the Anfield Cat has already had a twitter account created on its behalf – @AnfieldCat – and has attracted over 49,000 followers already this week!

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