Carbon Poker’s “Last Man Standing” to pay out $35k!

Posted on by RTR Dave

We’re used to seeing plenty of leaderboard and rake races in the online poker world, so rather than featuring another one of these run-of-the-mill promotions, Carbon Poker has decided to go outside of the box by unveiling Last Man Standing – a promo which will award $35,000 to online poker players! If you want to grab a share of this money then take a look at the details below…

Last Man Standing Details
The first thing that you should know about this promotion is that it starts on May 1st and could run up to June 29th. During this time period, players must earn a certain amount of daily VIP points in order to stay alive and keep fighting for the money. Using the first week of the promo as an example, here are the point amounts that players would need to earn each day:

  • May 1st – 50 points
  • May 2nd – 50 points
  • May 3rd – 50 points
  • May 4th – 50 points
  • May 5th – 50 points
  • May 6th – 100 points
  • May 7th – 100 points

The number of VIP points needed to meet each day’s goal increases as the days continue. Every player can afford to miss the targeted amount of points for three days during the promo period; but as of June 15th, free days are discontinued. Once a player has missed the daily points target more than three times – or past June 15th – they’ll be eliminated from the promotion.

How the $35k is paid out
Last Man Standing continues until only one player is still left. But the last 25 remaining players will share $25,075 based on the order in which they’re eliminated from the promotion. For example, 25th place will receive $250, while first place gets a $6,000 prize!

So what about the other $10k?                                                                                                     Well, this money is given away through four $2,500 freerolls that will take place on May 6th, May 13th, May 20th and May 27th. To enter these events, players have to meet the VIP points requirements leading up to each freeroll; Carbon Poker dispatches coupons to players’ accounts for every freeroll they’re eligible for.

If you’re interested in entering these freerolls and going for the $6k top prize, make sure to sign up at Carbon Poker through RakeTheRake. Doing so will not only secure you a top rakeback deal, but you’ll also get a 150% match deposit bonus up to $750!

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