Cake Poker Rakeback and $40k Diamond Mine Freerolls

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Plenty of people have heard the old saying: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but it seems diamonds could well be a poker player’s best friend too thanks to the $40,000 worth of Diamond Mine freerolls that Cake Poker will be running from 15th to 27th May. If you want to enter these free poker tournaments, you need to collect/use existing Gold Cards for the buy-in; we’ll explain how to get these Gold Cards and explain the Diamond Mine tournaments below.

How to get Gold Cards
Cake Poker randomly awards a Gold Card every time a cash game table reaches the predetermined rake amount. So when this amount is reached, one lucky player will randomly receive a Gold Card. These cards are given out at all stakes, but the higher the stakes you play, the more cards there’ll be because the table is reaching predetermined rake amounts faster.

$40k Diamond Mine Series
Once you’ve earned some Gold Cards at Cake Poker, you’ll be able to use them as an entry for the Diamond Mine freerolls. That said, here’s a quick look at all of the tournaments along with the required Gold Card (all times 20:00 EST):

May 15th – $1,000 prize pool, buy-in is five “GC Diamond Mine 2d, Series ‘12”

May 16th – $1,000 prize pool, buy-in is five “GC Diamond Mine 3d, Series ‘12”

May 17th – $1,500 prize pool, buy-in is four “GC Diamond Mine 4d, Series ‘12”

May 18th – $1,500 prize pool, buy-in is three “GC Diamond Mine 5d, Series ‘12”

May 19th – $2,000 prize pool, buy-in is two “GC Diamond Mine 6d, Series ‘12”

May 20th – $2,000 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine 7d, Series ‘12”

May 21st – $2,000 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine 8d, Series ‘12”

May 22nd – $2,500 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine 9d, Series ‘12”

May 23rd – $2,500 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine 10d, Any Series”

May 24th – $2,500 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine Jd, Any Series”

May 25th – $3,000 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine Qd, Any Series”

May 26th – $3,500 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine Kd, Any Series”

May 27th – $5,000 prize pool, “GC Diamond Mine Ad, Any Series”

May 31st – $10,000 prize pool, must have played in previous 13 Diamond Mine tournaments

Cake Poker Rakeback and Bonus
In addition to all of the Diamond Mine freerolls, don’t forget that you can also get a top 33% rakeback deal and a 110% bonus up to $600 when you sign up at Cake through RakeTheRake. Once you’re a member of Cake Poker, you simply need to start playing in cash games to earn Gold Cards that will help you get into those terrific Diamond Mine tournaments!

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