Virgin Poker Rakeback, MTT Leaderboard and Bubble Boy Payouts

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Although not hailed as a premier destination for tournament players, Virgin Poker is making some strides to change this perception by rolling out some big MTT promotions. So if you’re a poker tournament player and you are looking to make some extra cash and/or win a WSOP prize package, you should find the following promos very interesting:

MTT Leaderboard
Most poker tournament players find it rewarding enough that they can win money in the actual tourneys. But Virgin Poker sweetens the MTT experience for poker players by adding a €1,000 leaderboard race each month. The top 50 points earners during the month will share in the €1,000 prize pool – with first place taking €200 of this amount. As for earning points, the amount is dependent on the tourney buy-in, your finishing position, and the number of entrants.

Burst the Bubble
If you’ve ever had the misfortune of playing for hours in poker tournaments – only to bust out on the bubble – you know how frustrating it is to finish just one spot short of the money. Apparently Virgin Poker know the feeling too, which is why they award every tournament bubble boy/girl with their buy-in back. The only stipulation is that you be in a guaranteed tourney when you bust out on the bubble.

Event 56 Prize Packages
Virgin is offering a really interesting deal where they’re giving out six €3,000 prize packages for the 2012 WSOP Event 56 tournament. These packages cover the $1,500 Event 56 buy-in, and leave an additional €1,800 for travel and spending money. Given the fact that last year’s winner walked away with over $750,000, this is an awesome deal! To win your €3,000 prize package, you can play in the following satellites (all times BST):

  • World Series Daily 56 DTF Rebuy – €8 + €0.50 buy-in, runs at 18:45 and 20:45, top players win seat for Weekly 56 Final.
  • World Series Daily 56 DTF Sat – €16 + €1 buy-in, runs at 19:45 and 21:45, top players earn ticket for Weekly 56 Final.
  • World Series Weekly 56 Final – €150 + €10 buy-in, takes place every Wednesday at 19:00, winner receives a €3,000 Event 56 prize package.

Virgin Poker Rakeback
Don’t forget that – in addition to all of the MTT offers at Virgin Poker – you can also get a 30% rakeback deal when you sign up at Virgin through RakeTheRake.

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