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5 Poker Players besides Alex Jacob who were Game Show Contestants

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Alex Jacob recently ended the most triumphant run for a poker-pro-turned-game-show-contestant in history. Okay, so maybe it’s not that large of a category, but Jacob’s performance was still extremely impressive, given that he won six Jeopardy! episodes along with $130k. But what other poker players besides Jacob have gone the game-show route? Here’s a look at five who made splashes on famous shows. 1. Jean-Robert Bellande: “Survivor: China” in 2007 Long before he became infamous for bragging about his shaky high stakes poker play and party lifestyle, JRB was slumming it up in the wilderness of China. He frequently clashed …

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WSOP Champ Annie Duke dispensing Valuable Business Knowledge

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Annie Duke explains Importance of learning from Bad Decisions

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It’s only been a little over a year since Annie Duke served as commissioner of the failed Epic Poker League. And already, she’s using her own bad decisions and mistakes to help other businessmen and women avoid the same disasters. While speaking at World Live Café in Philadelphia, she told the audience, “I had a business go into chapter 11 (bankruptcy) last year, and given the information that I had, I think I made pretty good decisions along the way, but when I look back I realize, oh, I should have seen this and I should have seen that and …

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UB Poker signs Adam Levy

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UB Poker continues to rebuild their base of sponsored players in the wake of Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke leaving a couple of months ago. And it looks like these two could be long forgotten at UB since they re-signed one of poker’s best young talents in Adam “Roothlus” Levy. Levy is best known for his online poker play, where he’s earned over $3.6 million in online tournament winnings, which includes several huge victories at UB and Full Tilt Poker. In addition to his online poker tournament exploits, Levy has over $1.5 million in live tourney winnings. Some of his …

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Annie Duke’s Poker League releases Schedule

So what’s Annie Duke been up to ever since she left UB Poker and their 30% rakeback deals? She’s been busy helping the Federated Sports and Gaming league finalize their poker tournament schedule. We finally got a glimpse of this schedule yesterday when Federated Sports and Gaming released it. The main points of the schedule is that it will feature four regular season tournaments, a $20,000 buy-in Main Event, none of the tournaments will charge rake, and all of the poker games will take place at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The first tournament will run from August 12th-19th …

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Eric Baldwin re-signs with UB Poker

Eric “basebaldy” Baldwin must have plenty of respect for the 30% rakeback deals at UB Poker since he quickly re-signed a two-year deal with them. Baldwin signed with UB back in 2009 shortly after winning a WSOP $1,500 holdem poker tournament along with $521,991. Just a week later, Baldwin took third in the $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold’em Championship, which earned him $259,534. In all, Baldwin has over $3.2 million in live poker tournament winnings. Aside from his obvious success at the poker tables, Baldwin has a pretty unique back story since he was a successful Division III collegiate baseball player at …

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Annie Duke is Commissioner of New Poker League

Just weeks after leaving UB Poker, it looks like Annie Duke already has a new job lined up. She is going to head a new casino poker league that seeks to have the same professional players compete across a series of tournaments. The league, which doesn’t have a name yet, has been described by some as the PGA of poker since the same pros will be competing in each event. This differs from most other organizations since they allow anyone who pays a buy-in a chance to play poker. Even players who don’t pay the buy-in can win prize packages …

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Ultimate Bet Poker signs Prahlad Friedman

Ever since mainstays Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth left Ultimate Bet Poker, UB has been looking for a suitable replacement(s) to fill their shoes. And it looks as if they’ve found at least one solid replacement in cash game specialist Prahlad Friedman. Friedman is a perfect addition to Ultimate Bet because he already plays a lot of poker games there; he can usually be found on the $25/$50 and $50/$100 Pot-Limit Omaha tables taking advantage of UB’s 30% rakeback deals. Friedman has been playing cash games since 1999, and has earned millions of dollars over the years. In addition to …

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Both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth leave Ultimate Bet

After nearly a decade of promoting fantastic online poker promotions and 30% rakeback deals, both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth announced that they are leaving Ultimate Bet Poker. So was it a fiery argument or shocking scandal that forced both Duke and Hellmuth to leave? Not in the slightest since UB is one of the most reputable poker rooms in the industry, and both players left the company amicably. Earlier this month, we reported that Hellmuth might be leaving Ultimate Bet and those rumors were confirmed last night. The news broke when Hellmuth sent out a Twitter post that read, …

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Ultimate Bet signs Maria Ho

Ultimate Bet has already signed some of the most successful female casino poker players in the business since they currently sponsor both Annie Duke and Tiffany Michelle.  But UB isn’t stopping here since they recently signed a deal with the ever-popular Maria Ho.  Some of Ho’s notable poker tournament accomplishments include being the last women standing in the 2007 WSOP* Main Event (38th place, $237,865), cashing eight times in the WSOP* and cashing three times in the WPT.  To date, Ho has earned over $360,000 in live tournament winnings despite the fact that she is mainly known for playing high …

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