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UK Man chasing Phil Laak’s 115-Hour Poker Record

A UK man named Barry Denson is embarking on the biggest challenge of his casino poker career after announcing his intention to break the poker endurance record. Currently, American poker pro Phil Laak holds the record since he played for 115 straight hours in June of 2010. If Denson wants to take this record down, he’d better be prepared to push his body to the limits. When Laak set the record, he lost track of where he was after about 90 hours of playing. The “Unabomber” was quoted as saying, “I thought I was in a foreign land and not …

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Victoria Coren asks how to find Best Poker Player

Victoria Coren is certainly one of the UK’s most respected casino poker players since she’s cashed for $1,476,668 in tournaments, and has earned a 2006 EPT European Poker Championship title ($941,513). Interestingly enough, Coren is also a very talented writer who writes for major UK publications like The Observer and The Guardian newspapers. In a recent Guardian column, the poker tournament pro posed a very interesting question: How do you find the best player in the world? Coren’s first thought was the supposed tried-and-true “duplicate poker” game, which sees players at the same position on different hands dealt the exact …

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Top 5 Poker Movies

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Hollywood isn’t exactly known for making dynamite poker movies. In fact, when it comes to poker films, there’s Rounders, and then there is….well, the rest. But this isn’t to say that there aren’t still some good movies about poker, so let’s take a moment to sort out the rest. 1. Rounders – As mentioned before, there’s not much competition between Rounders and the rest of the movies on this list. The 1998 film starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton Jr. took a fictional look at law school dropout Mike McDermott’s (Damon) foray into the New York underground poker scene. The …

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Study shows Smiling Poker Players Win More

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If you’ve been busy developing a snarling, mean poker face in hopes of intimidating casino poker players, then stop! A study done at Harvard University shows that players who smile win more often than those who have a neutral or mean-looking poker face. The study on poker faces was done by Harvard postdoctoral student Erik J. Schlicht, and his study involved multiple people playing holdem poker. The players were fairly decent since Schlicht had them take a poker strategy test, and the subjects had to score at least a 70 out of 100 to participate in the study. Once the …

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Top 10 Online Poker Tells

Online poker may not offer as many tells as casino poker does, but there are still plenty of tells you can spot. This being said, here is a look at the top 10 internet poker tells that will help you crush your opponents. Tell #1: Betting Patterns The biggest online tell you can spot comes through a player’s betting patterns. For example, if they bet big before the flop and check postflop, they likely missed the flop. Likewise, if they bet big on a drawing board, then check or call on the turn, they might’ve been bluffing you with a …

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Erik Seidel wins NBC Heads Up Championship

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Most casino poker players would be elated with the following career: $4.3 million in tournament winnings, a $250k Aussie Millions High Roller title, a $25k LA Poker Classic High Roller title, and an NBC Heads Up Poker Championship win. Even without rakeback, that’s an incredible stat line! But for Full Tilt Poker pro Erik Seidel, this is just the first two months of 2011. Seidel added to his amazing two-month run by winning the 2011 NBC Heads Up Poker Championship on Sunday. The final match was a great story in itself as Seidel faced 2003 WSOP* Main Event champion and …

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Gus Hansen is dominating Online Poker

As good as Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen has been over the duration of his career, he has had some serious struggles during the last few years. At one point in 2010, Hansen was down over $7.7 million at Full Tilt; it’s a good thing that he had Full Tilt’s 27% rakeback deals to pay him back some of the losses! In any case, it looks like Hansen’s struggles are a thing of the past because he is currently dominating the online poker scene. Since the start of October, Hansen has earned over $5 million at the poker tables. …

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Peter Eastgate comes Out of Retirement

Last time we heard from Peter Eastgate, he seemed to be distancing himself from casino poker in every way possible by putting his 2008 Main Event bracelet up for auction. And while most would consider this an omen that Eastgate is never coming back to poker, the PokerStars pro showed why you should never assume things after he officially came out of retirement yesterday. Eastgate made his formal announcement through an online poker blog that read, “Sometimes in life, a person can feel lost and wake up one morning not recognizing who he is. Last summer, that was how I …

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Everest Poker has Prize Packages for Live €1,000,000 Event

Even if you favor online poker 100% over casino poker, you have to admit that it would be great to play in a land-based tournament where €1,000,000 is on the line. You especially have to admit that it would be great to play poker for this amount totally free of charge! But who would give you a free shot at a €1,000,000 prize pool? Well if you read the title of this poker news, then you’ve probably guessed that Everest Poker is who since they’re currently giving away $9,000 prize packages for their own Everest Poker One tournament. If you …

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Annie Duke is Commissioner of New Poker League

Just weeks after leaving UB Poker, it looks like Annie Duke already has a new job lined up. She is going to head a new casino poker league that seeks to have the same professional players compete across a series of tournaments. The league, which doesn’t have a name yet, has been described by some as the PGA of poker since the same pros will be competing in each event. This differs from most other organizations since they allow anyone who pays a buy-in a chance to play poker. Even players who don’t pay the buy-in can win prize packages …

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