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4 Countries where Poker is still booming

Posted on by Victoria

Ever since the beginning of the Poker Boom in 2003, the game has spread rapidly across the world. So by this point, most countries have already gone through their boom period with poker. However, there are still a few places where the game is catching on and attracting millions of new players in the process. That said, let’s look at 5 countries where poker is still booming. India For years poker enthusiasts have been waiting on the game to take off in India. After all, it’s the world’s second-largest country with 1.25 billion residents, so any kind of interest at …

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Virtual Reality – The Next Step in Online Poker’s Evolution

Posted on by Victoria

Online poker growth has been stagnant for a few years now, and many of the industry’s biggest entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to breathe new life into the game. There are some exciting innovations on the horizon, such a poker/eSports hybrid and Alex Dreyfus’ Global Poker League. But what might ultimately make poker grow faster is virtual reality, which we’ll discuss in depth below. Virtual Reality is already hitting Online Casinos There’s already a virtual reality online casino at SlotsMillion. Set high in a skyscraper, the SlotsMillion VR casino lets players walk around a posh gaming floor complete …

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Study shows Online Poker reduces Stress

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Some players might think of poker as a somewhat stressful game – especially if they don’t take the time to learn poker strategy beforehand. However, a Canadian university study found the opposite to be true in that online poker actually reduces stress. The primary cause of stress is a hormone called cortisol, which increases blood sugar and blood pressure when released. Cortisol also reduces your immune responses, and all of this causes you to feel more stressed out. But the study found that when you play poker online, your cortisol levels decrease by 17%, which reduces stress levels quite a …

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Top 10 Online Poker Tells

Online poker may not offer as many tells as casino poker does, but there are still plenty of tells you can spot. This being said, here is a look at the top 10 internet poker tells that will help you crush your opponents. Tell #1: Betting Patterns The biggest online tell you can spot comes through a player’s betting patterns. For example, if they bet big before the flop and check postflop, they likely missed the flop. Likewise, if they bet big on a drawing board, then check or call on the turn, they might’ve been bluffing you with a …

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UB Poker signs Adam Levy

Posted on by RTR Rachel

UB Poker continues to rebuild their base of sponsored players in the wake of Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke leaving a couple of months ago. And it looks like these two could be long forgotten at UB since they re-signed one of poker’s best young talents in Adam “Roothlus” Levy. Levy is best known for his online poker play, where he’s earned over $3.6 million in online tournament winnings, which includes several huge victories at UB and Full Tilt Poker. In addition to his online poker tournament exploits, Levy has over $1.5 million in live tourney winnings. Some of his …

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PokerStars holding $5 Million Guarantee for 5th Anniversary

Posted on by RTR Rachel

PokerStars will be holding their biggest ever Sunday Million poker tournament on March 6th at 16:30. The March 6th Sunday Million tournament will be worth $5 million, and the winner will receive at least $1 million! Here is a look at the main prize highlights of the $5 million tourney: – $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool – $1,000,000 guaranteed for first place finisher – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 for first place winner If you think that a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and $1 million prize for first place sounds great, wait until you hear about the qualifying structure for the $5 million event. …

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Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, and Di Dang have already made $1.5 Million

Anybody who has played online poker long enough knows that it’s a game of swings – especially at the high stakes. Even with this being said, it’s worth nothing that Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, and Di “Urindanger” Dang have already earned $1.5 million in 2011 – and we’re not even two months into the year! It’s not surprising that all three players play at Full Tilt Poker because this site has one of the highest rakeback offers at 27%. And you can only imagine the massive amount of rakeback that Hansen has made with almost $2.5 million in ‘11 profits. …

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Gus Hansen is dominating Online Poker

As good as Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen has been over the duration of his career, he has had some serious struggles during the last few years. At one point in 2010, Hansen was down over $7.7 million at Full Tilt; it’s a good thing that he had Full Tilt’s 27% rakeback deals to pay him back some of the losses! In any case, it looks like Hansen’s struggles are a thing of the past because he is currently dominating the online poker scene. Since the start of October, Hansen has earned over $5 million at the poker tables. …

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“Isildur1” beats Dan Cates in PokerStars SuperStar Showdown

After splitting heads-up matches against Isaac Haxton and Tony G, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom now has a winning record in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown with his recent victory over Dan “jungleman12” Cates. Cates was considered to be Blom’s toughest competition since he finished 2010 as the top online poker player by earning $5.5 million in profits – and this isn’t even counting the rakeback money he earned! Some people even speculated that Cates would best the Swedish pro in this 2,500-hand matchup. However, it looked like Isildur1 would walk away with the contest in the early going since he went up …

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Man steals $12 Million in Poker Chips from Facebook

Instead of earning online poker money the right way through hard work and rakeback, Ashley Mitchell chose to do it the easy/illegal way by stealing 400 billion chips from Facebook’s poker provider Zygna. Mitchell, who is an IT businessman from the UK, hacked into Zygna’s holdem poker application, then transferred 400 billion poker chips to his Facebook accounts. So how much can 400 billion in free poker chips be worth? According to Zygna, the 400 billion chips are worth over $12 million, which makes this a pretty serious offence. What makes the situation even more serious is the fact that …

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