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7 Stories to Watch at the 2016 WSOP

Posted on by RTR Dennis

The 2016 World Series of Poker has just kicked off, and we’re sure to see some incredible stories play out over the course of the event. But what storylines should you keep on eye on now? Find out as we cover 7 big stories that will happen during the 2016 WSOP. 1. How Many Players will Colossus II Draw? Last year’s inaugural Colossus lived up to the hype that it received prior to the WSOP. A record 22,374 players paid the $565 buy-in to compete in what is easily the largest poker tournament ever. The only problem is that participants …

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New CEO Dan Fleyshman on Ivey Poker’s Future

There’s been a lot going on in the life of Phil Ivey lately. He’s appealing the £7.8 million lawsuit that he lost against Crockfords, applied for a medical marijuana dispensary license in Vegas, pulled the plugged on his social poker app Ivey Poker (for now), and hired Dan Fleyshman to serve as CEO of his brand. Fleyshman is the former owner of Victory Poker, a US-friendly operation that quickly made a splash due to its large pro roster, which included Antonio Esfandiari and Andrew Robl. However, Fleyshman made the tough decision to end Victory Poker, citing that he was “emotionally …

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Weekly Flop: Save Aviation Club, Ivey to Grow Pot, Bellande’s Belly Shrinking

Posted on by RTR Dave

Phil Ivey Marijuana RakeTheRakeThe Aviation Club de France (AFC) is one of Europe’s most-prestigious and historic poker rooms. But weeks after the AFC was raided, it still hasn’t reopened. Can the legendary poker room be saved?…

Phil Ivey’s business empire could be literally growing as he’s one of 26 Las Vegas applicants who were approved for a medical marijuana dispensary…

Jean-Robert Bellande has often been teased about his weight over the years. So he turned this into motivation to win a big prop bet, which you can read about below along with other highlights of the week’s poker news…

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How a $100 Poker Bankroll launched Pat McAfee’s Incredible NFL Career

Posted on by RTR Dave

In the broad spectrum of poker, $100 isn’t even enough for Phil Ivey to make a prop bet at a restaurant. But for Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, $100 proved to be the catalyst for a highly successful NFL career that’s lasted for six seasons. That said, let’s look at how McAfee parlayed his meager poker bankroll into a shot at sports glory. This poker game was like something out of a movie Many of us have seen Hollywood’s version of poker, where some young gun walks into a smoky den full of shady looking characters with a few hundred …

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Weekly Flop: Bitar Broke & Dying, Ivey Poker Down, Matusow Nearly Paralyzed

Posted on by RTR Dave

If karma truly does exist, then Ray Bitar is getting it back tenfold. The former Full Tilt Poker CEO is allegedly dying and flat broke… The launch of the Ivey Poker Facebook app was short lived since it’s already been taken off the market. However, the reason why is actually a positive one… In news that came out of left field, Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow was nearly paralyzed during surgery. Find out the details on all of these stories in the Weekly Flop. Ray Bitar has no money and is close to death Many believe that Ray Bitar got a …

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Phil Ivey Loses Crockford’s Court Battle and $7.7 million

Posted on by RTR Dave

Phil Ivey court caseHigh Court Judge John Mitting recently ruled in favour of Crockford’s Casino, meaning Phil Ivey was not awarded the $7.7 million in Punto Banco (a form of Baccarat) winnings he took the casino to court over…

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Weekly Flop: Ivey claims Innocence, Malaysia beats Malaysia, Scheinberg wins

Posted on by RTR Dave

Phil Ivey Crockford's Court Loses

It seems like Phil Ivey’s two baccarat edge sorting lawsuits have been in limbo for ages. However, one of them is finally set to conclude…

Malaysia isn’t exactly a poker powerhouse, but they recently experienced a big breakthrough at the WSOP…

It turns out that Isai Scheinberg can not only run a massive poker site, but also play the game too. Let’s take an in-depth look at these stories in this edition of the Weekly Flop.

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Weekly Flop: Biggest Overlay Ever, Chess Borrows from Poker, Ivey Downswing

The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open was one of the biggest tournament success stories of 2013. However, the tourney took a major step backwards this year… Chess and poker share some similarities, but big prize money is not one of them. The launch of a $1 million chess event may change this, though… Phil Ivey is still celebrated as one of the world’s top poker pros, however, he’d better start improving his online results if he wants to keep this status. SHRPO Overlay – Great for Players, Bad for Casino Last year’s Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) was a …

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Phil Ivey Featured in Playboy Magazine

Posted on by RTR Dave

As the oft-declared “World’s Greatest Poker Player,” Phil Ivey’s fame knows few bounds. Ivey has been featured in numerous mainstream magazines and news outlets. So it should be little surprise that the 10-time WSOP champion recently did a feature with Playboy. Like most articles covering Ivey, the Playboy piece spends a fair amount of time rehashing his rise from an Atlantic City-area teenager to the extremely wealthy poker player that we all know today. Of course, you can read such info in just about any Phil Ivey bio. What makes the Playboy feature stand out, though, is some of the …

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2014 WSOP Quick Roundup: Events #49, #50 and #51

Posted on by RTR Dave