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Patrik Antonius on why he can’t get into High Stakes Poker Games

Posted on by Rachel

It used to be that when one thought of high stakes poker games, Patrik Antonius was one of the first players who came to mind. After all, the Finnish pro was not only a regular on High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark, but he also played in the ‘Big Game’ at Bobby’s Room and dominated the online tables too. Well, the latter is still true since Antonius added another $1.6 million to his online poker profits last year. However, he’s had a lot of trouble getting anywhere near the biggest live cash games. So what gives? Are other players …

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Poker Heaven Rakeback and Luxury London Trip

Posted on by RTR Dave

From Big Ben to world-class nightclubs, the city of London has a lot to offer visitors. In realizing this, Poker Heaven will be giving one lucky player a luxury London trip for two. The trip includes a three-day hotel stay, plane tickets and £500 in spending money. As for winning the trip, you need to earn tickets by betting on Poker Heaven casino games. Every €100 wagered gets you one ticket, and the more tickets you have, the better your chances are of winning the London prize package on March 2nd. Just make sure that you opt-in through The Player …

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DragTheBar Coach reveals Micro Stakes Secrets

Canadian poker pro Nathan “Blackrain79” Williams is the biggest micro stakes winner in PokerStars history. In fact, he has pulled in $30,000 in profits while playing the $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05 stakes alone. This being said, it’s no wonder why Williams is one of the most popular coaches at DragTheBar, where players can get free poker training through RakeTheRake. In regards to Williams’ record micro stakes profits, he was quoted as saying, “I guess (people were impressed) because no one was playing as many hands as I was and getting such high win rates. And people just thought it was crazy.” …

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Is Online Poker or Business School Better?

Few people outside of the online poker community would say that playing poker for a living is a better career move than going to business school. After all, the general population still thinks that online poker is pure gambling, and they don’t realize the high degree of poker strategy involved. But despite these misguided beliefs, there are plenty of people who realize the value of poker, and some even believe it could be just as important – if not more important – than attending business school. The president of the United States Poker Federation, Peter Alson, is one of these …

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Alexa Fisher is 8-Year-Old Poker Prodigy

Alexa Fisher may be well over a decade away from legally being allowed to play online poker or in  a casino, but that’s certainly not stopping her from playing wherever else she can. In fact, the 8-year-old American poker prodigy reportedly knows how to play 50 different poker games, and she has some poker tournament experience as well. The child grinder first learned how to play poker at the age of 3 when father Justin Fisher taught her the basics. After learning both the rules and strategy for holdem poker by age 5, Fisher picked up other poker games such …

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Betfair Poker rakeback running “Great Locker Room Heist”

Betfair Poker is running a promotion called the Great Locker Room Heist, which should interest people from many walks of life. Getting into the specifics of the Locker Room Heist, this promo is going to offer the winners a chance to pick the football jersey of their choice, and 150 jersey are still available. More importantly, three lucky players will win a Manchester United jersey that’s signed by the entire team. Assuming you’re interested in winning a jersey signed by some of the world’s greatest football players, you just need to sign up at Betfair Poker and start playing in …

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Top 10 Reasons to Play Online Poker

While online poker is an excellent game that offers players the chance to make ridiculous amounts of money, you may be on the fence about whether or not playing is a good idea. This being said, here are 10 reasons that will hopefully put you on the right side of the fence. 1. You can make a living in your underwear – If you’re looking for a job where you can roll out of bed without showering, shaving and putting on clothes, online poker is the perfect game. Just make sure you learn plenty of poker tips so you’re good …

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Study shows Online Poker reduces Stress

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Some players might think of poker as a somewhat stressful game – especially if they don’t take the time to learn poker strategy beforehand. However, a Canadian university study found the opposite to be true in that online poker actually reduces stress. The primary cause of stress is a hormone called cortisol, which increases blood sugar and blood pressure when released. Cortisol also reduces your immune responses, and all of this causes you to feel more stressed out. But the study found that when you play poker online, your cortisol levels decrease by 17%, which reduces stress levels quite a …

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Negreanu and Blom Split Matches in SuperStar Showdown

Since being started in December, the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown has become one of the most watched online events by railbirds everywhere. This fascinating event sees Viktor “Isildur1” Blom face off against a single opponent in $100/$200 NL holdem poker, and four poker tables are played at once. Up until Daniel Negreanu, Blom had fared pretty well against those willing to ante up the $150,000 buy-in as he won four poker games, and lost just one match. Many were excited when Negreanu decided to face Blom because Kid Poker is one of the biggest names in the game. However, he was …

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Double Guarantees Week at Full Tilt on March 28th

After the huge success of their Double Guarantees Week in late January, Full Tilt Poker has decided to bring this extremely popular promotion back from March 28th to April 3rd. Normally, Full Tilt’s weekly poker games offer $15 million in guaranteed prizes; however, the Double Guarantees Week will offer nearly $37 million in guaranteed money. The event starts on Sunday, March 28th at 0:00 ET with a $23,000 KO poker tournament that will be doubled to $46,000. From there, the prize pools will only get bigger with some tournaments offering millions of dollars. Some of the highlights of Double Guarantees …

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