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Rumors of Viktor Blom Unibet Poker Signing

A month ago, popular high stakes pro Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom was dropped by Full Tilt Poker. Many considered this yet another sign that the sponsorship era of online poker is almost dead. However, it’s possible that Blom has already landed with Unibet, and we’ll discuss the signs of this potential deal below. Tweets from Blom and Alex Dreyfus Speculation over a union between Blom and Unibet arose when the Swede recently tweeted the following about his upcoming poker schedule: “In Macau right now, but planning to play the @unibet cash game before @unibetopen at Aspers in London end of November. …

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WSOP Staking Madness: Sylvia and Rettenmaier are in

Posted on by RTR Dave

With the 2014 WSOP not far off, a couple of very prominent pro players are looking to add some horses to their stable. 888poker’s Jesse Sylvia and partypoker’s Marvin Rettenmaier have both taken to the social media world in hopes of finding good players to back. Here’s a look at what the famous pros wrote: Jesse Sylvia (via Twitter) Anyone looking to sell pkgs for WSOP hit me up! Willing to buy big chunks/all action if you are willing to bring down markup a bit. Marvin Rettenmaier (via Facebook) Just like last year I am planning to invest a significant …

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Viktor Blom pays $38k out of his own pocket to Full Tilt challengers

Viktor Blom

Full Tilt Poker recently ran one of the most interesting promotions that we’ve seen in years! The promo saw high stakes pro Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom put up $100,000 of his own money against…

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Sam Trickett suits up for Manchester United

Posted on by RTR Dave

Most people know Sam Trickett as the poker star who’s made tens of millions of dollars in cash games and tournaments. But he was once a pretty good football (that’s soccer to you Americans) player too and actually played semi-professionally. A knee injury in 2005 forced Trickett to…

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Ultimate Bet Poker signs Prahlad Friedman

Ever since mainstays Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth left Ultimate Bet Poker, UB has been looking for a suitable replacement(s) to fill their shoes. And it looks as if they’ve found at least one solid replacement in cash game specialist Prahlad Friedman. Friedman is a perfect addition to Ultimate Bet because he already plays a lot of poker games there; he can usually be found on the $25/$50 and $50/$100 Pot-Limit Omaha tables taking advantage of UB’s 30% rakeback deals. Friedman has been playing cash games since 1999, and has earned millions of dollars over the years. In addition to …

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Both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth leave Ultimate Bet

After nearly a decade of promoting fantastic online poker promotions and 30% rakeback deals, both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth announced that they are leaving Ultimate Bet Poker. So was it a fiery argument or shocking scandal that forced both Duke and Hellmuth to leave? Not in the slightest since UB is one of the most reputable poker rooms in the industry, and both players left the company amicably. Earlier this month, we reported that Hellmuth might be leaving Ultimate Bet and those rumors were confirmed last night. The news broke when Hellmuth sent out a Twitter post that read, …

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Phil Hellmuth appearing on Dancing with the Stars?

While Phil Hellmuth’s status as the lead man behind Ultimate Bet and their 30% rakeback deals may be up in the air, he’s still made time to entertain the online poker world through Twitter. Hellmuth’s latest Tweet reveals that he might appear as a contestant on the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.” Hellmuth’s recent Tweet read, “OMG! Phil Hellmuth (me!) on ‘Dancing with the Stars!’ Outrageous! Might make a fool of myself on worldwide television one more time.” If this Twitter post is accurate, Hellmuth would be the first professional poker player to appear on Dancing with the …

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Phil Hellmuth has another Grand WSOP Entrance; Brunson takes Jab

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Ultimate Bet player Phil Hellmuth has a penchant for grand entrances.  Last year Hellmuth dressed in a military uniform while being escorted by 11 scantily-clad women – one for each of his poker tournament gold bracelets.  And while Hellmuth has been busy promoting the excellent 30% rakeback deals that UB offers, he still made time for yet another grand WSOP Main Event entrance. This year, Hellmuth showed up dressed as a mixed martial arts fighter along with world famous announcer Bruce Buffer.  Hellmuth entered the poker table area from a stage as Buffer bellowed out, “He’s loved by many, hated …

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Poker Players Alliance offers Interesting iPhone Application

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Poker Players Alliance, which is the biggest lobbying organization for online poker, recently unveiled a new iPhone application that costs just $0.99.  Unlike many other poker-related iPhone programs, the application offered by the PPA has nothing to do with playing poker games or teaching people poker strategy.  Instead, this iPhone program was created with the intention of promoting internet poker worldwide, and convincing governments in countries such as the United States to pass favorable poker laws. Some features of the PPA’s new iPhone app is that it alerts players about starting times for various poker tournaments, delivers messages from …

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Twitter and RakeTheRake hit 75 million mark

RakeTheRake has paid out $75 million in rakeback to online poker players. Both RakeTheRake.com and Twitter have something to shout about having reached the high flying figure of 75 million. But that’s where the similarity ends as a recent study found that only 17% of Twitter users actually send regular tweets. Whereas RakeTheRake’s online poker players are actively playing online poker and generating monthly rakeback payouts for themselves. In recognition of its players’ achievements in getting the most from their game, RakeTheRake is running a special $750 freeroll on Sunday 27 June. Visit the freeroll entry page and check out …

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