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  • PKR - $6,000 Endurance Challenge

    Dates of Promotions: 10th April 2012 to midnight on the 30th April 2012

    Win a share of $6,000 this month with PKR and RTR in our exclusive Endurance Race

    This challenge is open to ALL players tracked to RTR and Rakeback Partners Sites

    To qualify for a share of the $6,000 you need to earn 2,000 PKR Points every day for 20 days between the 10th & 19th April and the 21st and 30th April.
    2,000 PKR points is $20 in rake (as you get 100 PKR points for every $1 in rake)

    Prizes: The $6,000 prize will be divided between all those players who manage to earn 2,000 PKR points or more each day for the 20 days. Players completing the challenge will receive their prizes direct to their poker account on or before the 15th day of the following month.


    • The challenge is from the 10th and 30th included, with a rest day on Friday April 20th and players must complete 2,000 PKR points every day to qualify. If you fail on any day, for any reason, you will be removed from the prize pool. No second chances!
    • Time on the reports will be Server Time GMT, so you might want to earn more than 2,000 just to be sure! If you mess up the challenge because of the timing issue, you are to blame!
    • 2,000 PKR points will need to be earned through real money play only in cash games and tourney fees. Any promotional PKR points credited for whatever reason will not count and any points won through freerolls will not count either.
    • Each qualifying player will receive a share of $6,000 (e.g. if 50 players complete the challenge, then each player gets $120. If 10 people complete it, then each gets $600)
    • If you play at a cash table, you must leave the table before midnight to guarantee the rake is accumulated before midnight.  If you're playing in a tournament, the tournament needs to end before midnight (whether you're still in the tournament or not). So you should make sure you earn your points well in advance of the end of the day.
    • The PKR reports are delayed by at least 48 hours. So the remaining players in the challenge will not start to show up until at least the 12th of April.
    Average pay-out is currently
    per person!
    22 players remaining in this race

    Terms & Conditions

    This promotion has:


    30% Rakeback

    200% up to €1000 bonus

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