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  • NoiQ and 24h Poker $5,000 Endurance Challenge 2

    Dates of Promotions: 16th May 2012 to midnight on the 31st May 2012

    This is an endurance challenge. You must earn a certain amount of VIP points each day for a certain number of days. Your total points earned on those days will determine your share of the prize pool.

    Dates of Promotion: 16th May 2012 to midnight on the 31st May 2012

    Target VIPs per day: Minimum 25 (€12.50 rake)
    Target number of days: Minimum 12 days - Maximum 15 days

    Only days where you earn the minimum VIPs will count towards your total, and you need at least 12 qualifying days. So the more qualifying days you have and the more points you have, the bigger your share of the prize pool will be.

    A maximum of 200 VIP points a day will count towards your share of the pot. So even if you earn 300 VIPs per day for 15 days, your total share of the prize pool would be based on 3,000 VIPs (and not 4,500)

    You play for 15 out of 15 days.
    You earn 50 VIPS on 13 of the days and 15 VIPS on the other 2.
    Your total qualifying points will be 13 x 50 = 650 VIPS

    Example of Pool Split:
    (Accumulated VIPs/Total VIPs of all player)*100 = % of the total Prize pool share
    Assume total VIPs of all players during the first Endurance Challenge is 40000 and the prize pool is $5000.
    Player A accumulated 300 VIPs and Player B accumulated 3000 VIPS.
    Player A will get (300/40000)*100=0,75% of the prize pool --> $3,750
    Player B will get (3000/40000)*100=7,5% of the prize pool --> $375

    Average pay-out is currently
    per person!
    11 players remaining in this race

    Terms & Conditions

    This promotion has:


    30% Rakeback

    200% up to €1000 bonus

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