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  • Up to 85% Rakeback at Party, WPT and Bwin in June

    Dates of Promotions: 1st June 2014 to midnight on the 30th June 2014

    Up to 85% rakeback at Party, Bwin and WPT in June

    It's another monster month on the Party Network!

    A fixed 60% Rakeback Offer at Party, Bwin or WPT Poker!

    Plus for New Players this is on top of 25% Sign up bonus for new accounts*

    60% Rakeback plus up to 25% return from signup bonus
    UP TO 85% RETURN*
    A flat 60% rakeback rate in June

    You MUST OPT IN by clicking the button below


    Remember: Your poker account needs to have been created through RTR links. If it wasn't then you can still create an account at one of the other rooms by clicking one of the sign up buttons below. By opting in you accept the Terms & Conditions below.

    * See T&Cs for calculation details.

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    1. This promotion will only run between the specified promotional dates.
    2. It is a FLAT 60% deal based on your net rake in June - no other promotions are included other than a sign up bonus for new players at any of the participating rooms. Any transaction/processing fees are also deducted from the rake by the poker room before the rakeback is calculated.
    3. Accounts not tracked to RTR or its partner sites will not be eligible for the promotion.
    4. If you do not opt in during June you will only get the normal VIP cashback.
    5. All 60% cash payments will be made on or before the 15th July 2014.
    6. Unfortunately Danish Players are unable to participate in this promotion because of Danish Network Rules
    7. If you bought or were awarded a bonus in May and are still clearing it in June, this will NOT be deducted from the 60% deal. If you buy any bonuses in June (regardless of whether you clear them or not in June) they will be deducted from your 60% deal. So any points exchanges or store purchases in June will be deducted from the overall 60% payment.
    8. Any points you earn in June will NOT be deducted and you can spend them in future months.
    9. For new players the 60% return is calculated on net rake and after the sign up bonus is deducted. For example if a player rakes $100 and receives a $25 bonus, the net rake is $75 and the rakeback is $45 (assuming no processing fees). So the total return is $45 + $25 = $70. This is effectively 70% gross rakeback or 93% of net rake.

    This promotion has:


    45-60% Rakeback

    100% up to €100 bonus

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